York Agricultural Show 2017

The River Conservation Society recently manned an exhibition marquee at the York agricultural show in September this year. The societies members and volunteers used this event to promote the societies conservation projects, encourage participation in the societies events and bring to the attention of the community the fantastic diversity of native flora and fauna on their doorstep. The York community was extremely interested in the activities the society conducts and was enthusiastic in its support for our conservation efforts.

Photo: Our new field microscope equipment.
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The shows events on the day were fantastic and drew big crowds form all over Perth and the York community. The weather was exceptionally good on the day with a bright blue sky and fine sunny day. The society shared the display marquee with the York Wildflower Society and the Beverly Native Fauna Rescue Group which proved popular with show attendees and those with a special interest in our native flora and fauna.
A big thankyou to all our members and volunteers that manned the marquee throughout the day and helped set up / pack up the societies display which generated great interest. A special thanks to Audrey and her magnificent team of helpers!

Photo: Our field microscope equipment setup.
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The day was also an opportunity to introduce our newly purchased field microscope equipment to RCS members and the public and it certainly proved to be an attraction with both young and senior age groups. This equipment allows our members and volunteers to bring to life microscopic flora and fauna for detailed visual viewing on a large screen such as a laptop or tablet. With this new equipment, we can capture still photographs or movies of specimens for on the spot or later analysis before returning the sample to its field of origin. This equipment can also be utilised in an indoor environment.

The RCS would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Wheatbelt NRM for its generous support and funding that enabled the River Conservation Society to purchase this equipment to further make accessible conservation education for its members, volunteers and the public.