R.C.S. members sitting on a fallen log in Dell Reserve.

The society’s newsletters are published twice a year in May and November.

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Newsletter No. 53 – May 2021
Autumn Issue


Newsletter No. 52 – November 2020
Spring Issue

28 years of RCS
Ishar Visit to York
Vale Walter King
Protecting Mt Bakewell’s Flora
The Australian Magpie
Additions to the RCS Herbarium
Yellow-billed Spoonbill
Local Hero Grants
Containers for Change
Tanjinn Well Reserve
Flashback – Joy Fleay
……and lots more!

Newsletter No. 51 – May 2020
Autumn Issue

View of the Avon river in the early morning.

Story of Survival
Not a Birdbath—a Bee Pool
Orchid Watch
Jewel Beetle
New Trail Camera Footage
Bat Boxes to Beat the Boredom
Birds in My Backyard Survey
Creating a Small Ecosystem
Bush Food
The Thorny Devil
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 50 – November 2019
Spring Issue

Kayaking on the Avon.

Community Riverbank Planting Day
Wandoo or Accedens?
Identifying Plants
Birds in your Garden
Caught on Camera
Orchids in your area
Christmas Spider
Environmental Hero
The Last Straw
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 49 – May 2019
Autumn Issue

Launch of new logo
Busting Boxthorn
Town Pool Clean-up
Bat myths dispelled
Turtle or Tortoise?
Dell Reserve
Gastrolobium— “Swollen Pod”
Quenda Haven
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 48 – November 2018
Spring Issue

Native bees in your garden?
A fungus called Lawyers Wig
Living with carpet pythons
The great cocky count
Tribute to Joy Fleay
Paruna bushwalk
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 47 – May 2018
Autumn Issue

Project updates
Georgiana Molloy revisited
Silence of the frogs
Drummond’s gum feature
Visit to WA herbarium
The Scarlet Percher
Kids have fun on the Avon
One man’s trash…
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 46 – November 2017
Spring Issue

NRM Bioblitz is a huge success
The Moaning Frog – in your backyard ?
R.C.S project reports: A new species found
R.C.S project reports: Water testing to restart
The delightful Pink Enamel Orchid
Birds of the Avon – The White Faced Heron
…and lots more

Newsletter No. 45 – May 2017
Autumn Issue

White Cheeked Honeyeater

White Cheeked Honeyeater
Macro Photography
Darwinia thymoides
York Herbarium returns home
Wambyn Nature Reserve
The Wheatbelt Frog
Avon River Floods!
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 44 – October 2016
Spring Issue

Caladenia falcata – fringed mantis orchid

Obsessed by Orchids
The Fringed Mantis Orchid
The Western Banjo Frog
Society Activity Update
White Punk Fungi
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 43 – September 2015
Spring Issue

Woylie (Brush-tailed Bettong)

Gwambygine Pool
What’s out in York?
A short history of the Water Rat
What’s happening with Woylies in WA?
Aussie Backyard Bird Count 2015
WA Threatened Species Forum
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 42 – June 2015
Winter Issue

Glowing Ghost Fungi

CARE meeting
Badgin Creek
What’s out in York?
Ghost Fungi
Feral Cat Research
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 41 – March 2015
Autumn Issue

A pair of Rainbow Bee Eaters perched on a barbed wire fence.

Mt Hardy
Water Rats breeding at Karakamia
What’s out in York?
Rainbow Bee Eaters
Bumper flower season for Marri
Healthy Soils, Healthy Rivers Program
Great Cocky Count
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 40 – December 2014
Summer Issue

A Thorny Devil Lizard sitting in a persons hand

In memory of Dr. Cicely Howell
Needling Hills
Water Rats Surveys
Bridal Creeper!
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 39 – September 2014
Spring Issue

Paperbark Trees at Dell Reserve

Dell Reserve
Paruna Sanctuary Bird Walks
Training the Avon River
Aussie Backyard Bird Count
Northam to Burlong Park Walk Trail
…and lots more!

Newsletter No. 38 – July 2014
Winter Issue

Rakali, a native Australian Water Rat

A Farewell for Alison Clarke
Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary
The Water Rat Project
My 5 weeks in South Africa
Karakamia Sanctuary Chidlow
…and lots more!