Herbarium Returns to Sandalwood Yards

Photo: York Regional Herbarium
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The River Conservation Society is celebrating the return of its herbarium collection to their premises at the Sandalwood Yards on Avon Tce. The collection was moved to King’s Park for storage due to a lack of volunteers involved with flora collection. The herbarium contains over 2500 specimens of flora collected within the York Shire. There is also a large lichen collection.

The herbarium is an important resource for the York Shire and is in the process of being updated and expanded. We are inviting anyone that would like wildflowers identified from roadsides, reserves or their property to contact us on 96 411428 (Audrey). Please remember that picking wildflowers is not encouraged and a good photo is usually enough to make an identification. If you would like to view the herbarium you are most welcome. We are often at the Sandalwood Yards on Tuesday from 1.30-3.30 but you are best to ring and make sure.

The RCS AGM was held on the 27th May and we are happy to see that our member list and enthusiasm is growing. If you are interested in environmental or conservation issues in the York Shire or just want to get out in the bush and learn more about its wonderful assets please contact us on the above phone number or at info@riverconservationsociety.org.