February 2018 – Water Rat Update

Our water rat project is in full swing with surveys being conducted along the Avon River. Heavy summer rains and high river water levels have made tracking these rodents very difficult but with water levels now dropping it has been easier.

Over the last month R.C.S. members have been visiting potential areas collecting data and having fun exploring the riverine areas and paddling about the river on warm days. It has also been an interesting exercise discovering other native (and not so native) fauna living along the riparian zones of the Avon. A good number of oblong tortoises (Chelodina oblonga) have also been sighted along the river which is a good sign and a positive outcome resulting from previous R.C.S. tortoise surveys and recovery programmes.

People interested in having some fun and assisting the R.C.S. with these activities please contact the R.C.S. at info@riverconservationsociety.org.