Crees Road Nature Conservation Reserve

Reserve Name: Crees Road Nature Conservation Reserve

Area: 3.3 ha

Location: Shire of York

Access:  Crees Road is closed. Access only with permission from adjacent landholders.

Custodian: River Conservation Society Inc.

Vegetation Assemblages: Medium woodland of York Gum

Waterways: Mortlock River South

Soil types: Red and grey deep sandy and loamy duplex.

History: Crees Road reserve straddles the South Mortlock River at a point where it divides into two channels. The reserve is quite waterlogged and thought to have been the site of a fresh-brackish soak early in the 1900’s when the land was used as a rest stop for travellers and stock.

Crees Road Reserve and surrounding waterlogged paddocks were fenced and re-vegetated with native grasses, reeds, sedges and halophytes. The vision of the River Conservation Society was to create a large wildlife corridor that linked the Wallaby Hills to the Mortlock River. Therefore fencing and revegetation efforts focussed on linking Crees Road Reserve to the upstream S.O.Y. Reserve 838 and Badgin Creek Reserve with intervening vacant crown land along the river.