Conservation Matters by the R.C.S.

Holiday Fun along the Avon

The River Conservation Society and the CRC have worked together to plan the first children’s activity for the April School Holidays. 18 children gathered to learn more about the Avon River’s ecosystem. We had lots of fun identifying many plant, animal and insect species. We even dredged a pool looking for macroinvertebrates which are an important food source for the many birds we see down on the water.

Tree’s and shrubs were potted up and taken home to look after until the next activity in the July holidays – July 10th, when they will be planted along the Avon walktrail. We listened to 4 different kinds of frogs and learned thier names – the Banjo, Motorbike, Wheatbelt and Moaning Frogs. The children produced a large poster displaying some of the life along the Avon which we need to protect by keeping the river healthy. You can see this proudly displayed in the front window of the CRC. Sarina, Penny, Rosie and Audrey had a lot of fun leading the children to learn more about our river and look forward to our next holiday activity.

We would like to thank Rob Cameron for allowing us to use the Coffee Carriage as our work area.