Streambed revegetation with native sedges small

Streamline revegetation

Revegetation requires an intimate knowledge of the nexus between rock, soil, aspect and rainfall that between them create a range of different habitats for our native flora. The River Conservation Society has created a specialist library covering these subjects as they relate to the Shire of York. It has also undertaken and completed a series of flora surveys representative of the differing ecosystems within the shire. Completed surveys of flora communities has allowed the society to identify and map the main ecosystems to allow revegetation projects to be planned and implemented. Species can then be selected that match the ecosystem being revegetated.

Streambed and riparian revegetation has been undertaken in a variety of locations utilising seed collected from native species endemic to the area, with special consideration being given to native sedges and grasses that are unique to these zones. The establishment of these specie is helping to stabilize streambed banks and riparian zones from erosion due to flooding and the encroachment of acidic soils which is of primary concern in the region.

Needling Hills revegetation project small

Catchment revegetation

In connection with revegetation the society is also undertaking the recording of levels of airspace above bushes and taller trees to determine favoured levels used by insect and bat species endemic to the region.

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