Drummonds Gum Nature Conservation Reserve

Reserve Name: Drummonds Gum Nature Conservation Reserve

Area:  4.1 ha

Location: Shire of York

Access: Wambyn Road

Custodian: River Conservation Society Inc.

Vegetation Assemblages: Medium woodland; marri & wandoo

Waterways: None on reserve

Soil types: Deep sandy gravel and loamy gravel

History: Drummonds Gum CNR was named after the remnant Eucalyptus drummondii that have survived in this small patch of bush. The reserve has been heavily disturbed in the past being a gravel quarry and rock dump. However, along with the E. drummondii grove a patch of malle and E. decurva remained until the area was re-vegetated prior to its vesting with the VOYRC. Through well vegetated roadside reserves, Drummonds Gum CNR is linked to the large Mt Ronan Nature Reserve and St Ronan’s Well Reserve forming a large wildlife corridor for the region.