During the course of their early work in the 1990’s, the River Conservation Society (RCS) became aware that many crown reserve areas of bushland in the York region were not actively managed. The RCS applied for several of the reserves to be cared for with the purpose of retaining and restoring natural habitat and facilitating landscape connectivity. After much negotiation between the Shire of York (SOY), the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) and the RCS, in 2004 the RCS was given permission to care for the 10 crown reserves featured on this webpage for the purpose of “Conservation and Landscape Protection”.
The reserves have all been formally named by the Geographic Names Committee and signage erected on each site. They have been fenced and many have been surveyed (flora and fauna) and revegetated where it seemed necessary. Vegetation survey records for each reserve are held in the RCS River Conservation Centre at Karakamia Sanctuary, Chidlow, WA. The RCS Herbarium is located at the Kings Park Botanical Herbarium, Kings Park, Perth WA. Reserves have also been surveyed for birds, fauna and aquatic invertebrates; data enquiries can be made to
Soil information featured here is derived from the DAFWA Soil-landscape mapping South-Western Australia dataset. For further information on soils refer to Department of Agriculture Resource Management Technical Report No. 280. Vegetation Assemblages data were derived from Beard’s pre-European vegetation mapping (DAFWA 2012) and give a general indication of the vegetation in the reserve however; the scale of this dataset is quite course and therefore doesn’t necessarily reflect the range of plant communities present in each reserve. See the plant species lists kept in the RCS River Conservation Centre at Karakamia Sanctuary, Chidlow WA for more detail.

reserveCowering Well Nature Conservation Reserve

Mt Hardy Nature Conservation Reserve

Badgin Creek Nature Conservation Reserve

Orchid Conservation Reserve

Crees Road Nature Conservation Reserve

Jim Masters Nature Conservation Reserve

Caljie Pool Nature Conservation Reserve

Gwambygine Pool Conservation Reserve

Dell Nature Conservation Reserve

Drummonds Gum Nature Conservation Reserve